Staging Your Home



Use neutral colors and décor

Of course, everyone has different taste and we all think our taste is stylish. But what you consider modern and chic may not be to interested home buyers. In fact, it may just turn them off and send then right out the door! When showcasing your home, it’s wise to use neutral colors and basic decorative items. You want to appeal to a larger number of buyers when showcasing and the best way to do that is to remain neutral rather than committed to one specific motif. You can also solicit the advice of your agent, professional home designer or someone who stages homes for a living.


Remove personal items

If you can, remove most of your personal belongings! Your goal is to try to make the home inviting and comfortable when showcasing. Pack what you can and if need be, think about paying for storage space. The less clutter the better. It’s very difficult for someone to imagine your house as their own, if cluttered.


Invite your neighbors

Let’s face it, how much you get for your home affects the value of other homes in the neighborhood so it may encourage the neighborhood to join in your showcasing efforts and may offer to help set it up. They may even decide to spruce up their own properties outside to make the whole area look more appealing. They may also offer some insight on the décor and themes you’re using for showcasing your home. Neighbors can also make the open house go a lot more smoothly by moving vehicles and allowing for more parking spaces and it can’t hurt to have them around to develop a rapport with peoples who are seriously considering your property, the will already feel “at home” in the neighborhood.


Help the neighbors help you

Do you live next to a hoarder? Maybe you might politely offer to help them box up some of the stuff in their yard or haul away trash. If they have an excessively high lawn, maybe you or your teenage could offer to mow for them. These types kind of efforts will improve the quality of the whole neighborhood. Even if someone loves your home, they can be easily turned away by an unappealing neighborhood so reach out and see what you do to help your neighbors help you!
Overall, having a cleaned, organized, welcoming home will help you sell it more quickly. Extra efforts like those listed here may help you stay a step ahead of the competition.